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Mission Trips


Welcome to the Web-Diary of

Oakridge Bible Chapel’s Mission Trips

On the following pages you will find a day by day account showing the progress of our projects in Central & South America

(The first two were created after returning home from emails sent to family members)

2004 Belize

2005 Belize                Not too descriptive – mostly photos

2006 Nicaragua

2007 Nicaragua        Slide-Show 2007

2008 Nicaragua

2009 Nicaragua        Slide-Show 2009

2010 Nicaragua        Slide-Show 2010

2011 Nicaragua        Slide-Show 2011

2012 Belize               Slide-Show 2012

2013 Belize               Slide-Show 2013

2014 Belize               Slide-Show 2014

2015 Belize

2016 Belize

2017 Bolivia

2018 Bolivia

2019 Chile

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(Posted by Bruce Pellowe)


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